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Conseil de Prud’hommes, Lawyer in Reims.

Established in Reims in Champagne-Ardennes, your lawyer takes part in labor law cases, in particular in front of the Conseil de Prud’hommesof the city.

Indeed, it is not enough to be persuaded to be right in front of a jurisdiction to be proved right.

Still it is necessary to know perfectly the applicable rulesand to know how to present its fileand communicate the elements of proof which will take the support of the magistrate to your cause.

Assistance of a lawyer when facing Prud’hommes.

Too often, the accountable neglects this aspect of things to the detriment of his interests.

In front of the Conseil de Prud’hommes which consists of elected judges (two councilors employers and two salaried councilors) it is necessary to know how to put forward the aspects of your filewhich will make the difference and will allow the obtaining of a favorable result.

Your lawyerin labor law in Reims intervenes in front of the jurisdictions of Prud’hommes to defend your interests.

The Rolland Law firm intervenes in front of these professionals who are of your activity sector (five sections exist in Prud’hommes, the supervision, the business, the industry, the diverse activities and the agriculture).

The Law firm Rolland benefits from a know-how and a constant practice recognized in labor law. Consult your lawyer in Reims.

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