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Juvenile crimes attorney Reims

As a juvenile crimes attorney, Mr Rolland defends minors who are guilty of an infraction in Reims.

The children and the teenagers are the future of our society. It is necessary to protect them from any environment harmful to their health and to their morality.

It is however also necessary to protect actively the society of any act of crime by repressing the authors of breaches.

A delinquent child is also a child in danger.

For that reason, the Prescription of February 2nd, 1945, plans a particular treatmentof the delinquent childhood.

The penal responsibility comes into effect from the age of 13 years. However, until his(her,its) 18 years, the young person cannot be the object of pursuit in front of the jurisdictions of common law (Magistrates' court, Court(Yard) of Basis).

It will be inevitably attracted in front of the Juvenile court or in case of crime, in front of the Courtof Basis of the minors.

Educational measures or educational penalties or penalties will be taken, with regard to the age and to the capacity of discernment of the child, either.

So, the juvenile delinquent risks:

Minor of less than 10 years and endowed with discernment (according to the judge's comment): educational measures only minor from 10 to 13 years old: measures and educational penalties minorof more than 13 years: measures and educational penalties as well as penalties (prison, fine) when circumstances so require (in particular in case of second offenseor of crime).

Your juvenile crimes attorney in Reims will look after your child's interests.

Parents' civil responsability

Parents, you remain civilly liable of the acts of your child until his(her,its) 18 years! This impliesthat if a victim established civil part concomitantly to the criminal procedure managed against your child, you remain indebted of the damages which could be assigned by the Judge to the victim.

To note that the minor attraction in front of the Court for child inevitably has to be attended of a lawyer.

It is obviously the same in case of police custody.

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