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Right of the victims

You consider yourself a victim of a penal breach and you do not know how to make your voice heard and to obtain reparation.

It is obvious indeed not always to see recognizing its rights as victim, which imposes a double punishment to the person already felt by the undergone breach.

Our Cabinet can usefully accompany you, by means of the writing of your complaint with Public prosecutor and\or with your complaint with institution of civil action proceedings with Investigating judge.

In this way, you will be certain to obtain an answer on behalf of the authorities of pursuit.

When one or several authors are then indicted for the purposes of appearance for alleged acts, it is advisable to establish you plaintiff by informing the jurisdiction about it, the Prosecution and the author of the breach.

The lawyer will know how to protect your interests by bringing back the area of the undergone damage and by calculating him in damages.

He will intervene finally to help you recover the assigned sums.

To note that in case of insolvency of the author, a court referral of the SARVI (Help service in the Covering of the Victims) is opened to you.

In the absence of judgment, we shall advise to you and shall assist you to seize, by means of a request, other guarantee funds such as the CIVI (Commission of Compensation of the Victims of breach).

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